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About AP Newsfinder - The Associated Press Service for Non-Daily Publications


AP Newsfinder Service Information

Newsfinder is a service of the Associated Press and SCH Information Services, Inc. The Newsfinder text database is one week's worth of all the Associated Press' stories from all the regional, national, international, Spanish and sports wires. Stories are released to the database 24 hours after the time of original transmission from AP. Members also gain access to AP complete photo and graphics archives on the same basis.

One of Newsfinder's greatest strengths is the breadth of its coverage, particularly for any topic that extends beyond geographic boundaries.

Newsfinder offers access to this database through text searching and keyword searching. Newsfinder editors use a list of keywords that make your searching easy and successful. By having human editors read through the database we are able to categorize stories into categories, such as OFFBEAT and UPBEAT, that no machine has the intelligence to do. Of course, all AP's metadata is maintained and we are also able to use other artificial intelligence programs to generate metadata.

Geographic keywording is also available. Use two-character postal abbreviations, city names, countries, or our regional keywords.

Newsfinder is available to qualifying, non-daily, newspapers in the U.S. Newsfinder member publications can also purchase World Wide Web online republication rights for their papers for an additional, nominal fee.

The Newsfinder text service was started in late 1984 as a direct dial-up service. Now, using a Web Browser, qualifying members are able to access the text service and preview thumbnails of photos, and ultimately download the JPG images to their computer for manipulation with PhotoShop or some other image processing software.

Newsfinder is priced based on circulation. Monthly minimums start as low as $108. AP photos and graphics can be downloaded for as little as $35 a piece.

For more information about the service, pricing, or to get a temporary User ID and Password for a live demo, contact us at 800-922-4655.

Thank you for your interest in the best news database on the Web.