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Requirements for Membership in AP Newsfinder


Membership Requirements

Newsfinder is a service of The Associated Press and SCH Information Services, Inc. The service is available primarily to "non-daily" print publications.

In practice Newsfinder is limited to serving publications that publish no more frequently than  twice-weekly, and can serve publication that publish less frequently, such as weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, etc. Publication that publish three times per week or more are classified as "daily" and are served directly through the local AP bureau in their state.

Becoming a member of the Newsfinder service grants the member the Rights To Republish the content they download from Newsfinder (but not content retrieved from other locations on the Internet).

Because The Associated Press is a news cooperative, members are required to maintain an editorial staff that does its own reporting and original writing. "Shopper" type  and newsletter publications are not granted membership.