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How to Apply for Membership in AP's Newsfinder Service


Congratulations on Your Decision to Join AP Newsfinder!

We feel you have made a wise choice in selecting AP/Newsfinder as one of your news sources. We are confident that you, your readers and your advertisers will benefit from the extensive coverage and quality stories available from The Associated Press.

Outlined below are the steps needed to process your membership:


2. Complete EXHIBIT A. (See online Rate Card or call 800-922-4655).

3. Provide us with three (3) copies of your publication. Providing three copies of the same edition is acceptable. We use the three copies to send one to the local AP Bureau, one to the AP Vice President in charge of membership, and one for our files.

4. Write a check payable to Newsfinder for the $150 start-up fee and the first monthly payment OR the annual subscription fee (please see rate card). Papers publishing for less than one year MUST pay annually.

5. Send items 1 - 4 above to:

1700 E. Racine Ave.
Waukesha, WI 53186
For items just needing faxing, our Fax number is 262-549-3332.

Upon receipt we will:

  • Process the User Agreement and Exhibit A.
  • Forward the User Agreement, Exhibit A and the copies of your publication to The Associated Press for their approval.
  • Contact you as soon as the AP approves your publication for membership, and set up your account and train you and your staff.
  • Provide toll-free technical and editorial support for the duration of your membership.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 800-922-4655.

Thank you for choosing Newsfinder. We appreciate your business!